New Students,
after receiving your I-20, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1    Check the information on the I-20. If you find any errors, contact us as soon as possible.

Step 2    Pay the I-901 SEVIS Fee at www.fmjfee.com
Who needs to pay this fee?
• All new students* (full-time) must pay this fee before applying for the student visa.
Tips and what you need
• Be sure to use a computer with a printer so you can print your receipt!
• You must have an e-mail address.
Instructions(Read More)

Step 3   Apply For Your Student Visa
1. Check your I-20 Form for any errors. If no errors, pay SEVIS I-901 Fee at www.fmjfee.com
Tip: Make sure you have a printer to print your receipt!

2. Make an appointment with the U.S. Consulate/Embassy in your home country.
http://www.usembassy.gov/ (Click on the map to find the list of countries)

3. Prepare your documents for your visa interview.
Tip: Check your home country’s US embassy/consulate for required documents and updated information.

4. Go to your visa interview.
Tip: Make sure you have all the required documents!
Tip: Know your documents. Can you answer these questions? (These are only examples.)
Why do you want to study in the U.S./Hawaii/IMPAC?
What is the name of your school? How did you pick your school?
What is an I-20 Form?
Who will pay for your studies? How much money will you have each month?
How long will you study at IMPAC? What will you do after studying at IMPAC?
What is the name of your program? (Answer: IEPP)
When will you start your program? (Answer: Term calendar)

5. Prepare for your departure (see Step 4!).
Remember: You can only enter the U.S. up to 30 days before the program date on your I-20.

Step 4   Get Ready To Study In Hawai’i!
Download Student Pre-arrival information package for more details!
About Hawaii
• History and facts about Hawai’i
• Living in Hawai’i and Safety
Things to know before coming to the United States
• In case of Emergency
• Health Insurance (Read More) (You can find some insurance information here)

Housing Information
• If you are studying abroad for the first time, there are study abroad agencies specialized in helping students like you.
They offer homestay arrangements or help you find a place to live. Contact your local study abroad agencies for assisting you find a place to live.
Housing Information page has some other housing options for students.

Step 5   Attend IMPAC Orientation & Placement Test
Please check your orientation/placement test date here. If you cannot come to school on that day or you cannot start on the first day of class, contact us.
You can also check the orientation/placement test date here: http://impachawaii.edu/iepp.php
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